Few Useful PS Vita Tricks And Hacks For All

If you have a PlayStation Vita, probably you are too busy looking for newer games, unlimited access to the game levels and more. Now start looking for some useful PS Vita tricks too so that you could use your console to the maximum possible extend and cherish gaming with it. The psn code gratuit is one among the leading code generator software available online. From this free PSN code generating software, as a PS Vita player, you can get innumerable codes for free.

However, the code psn gratuit is not so easy to locate online as the gaming developers offer hundreds of code generator software for almost all versions of PS Vita. Locating the best one that is offered for free is simple and by filling an e-form or a newsletter or by participating in a survey the players can enjoy unlimited game codes and hacks online. The talk about codes is now done hence let us look at some useful PS Vita hacks and tricks that really work:

  • Remote play on your PS Vita – With this feature you can enjoy remote play on your console and not worry about that sofa or tea table that is interrupting your play sessions. The mantra is to register your console as a ‘Mobile Phone’ that’s all! Now you can enjoy remote play in your PS Vita with even the USB Cable.

  • Bypassing the update process – In your PS Vita console the process of updating is really complex and tricky but with the help of CMA PlayStation content management assistant software one can quickly update their PS Vita while the system is in the sleep mode too.

  • Adjusting screen brightness – The PS Vita players can now easily adjust their screen brightness based on their brightness preferences. This adjusting process can be done in the middle of a game too with the OLED PS Vita screen. Press and hold the PS button and get the quick access menu for custom music option on your console. Inside this. You can also adjust the screen brightness too.

  • Increase game resolution – The PS Vita can now support more than 275 HD games. However if any of the non-HD game is your favorite then you can play them in your console with higher resolution too. To do this, just press and hold the front touchscreen and get the setting menu. Now clear bilinear filtering and color space options to increase the game resolution on your PS Vita.

  • Remote download and video access – If you are a proud owner of PS Vita than you can also enjoy accessing your game videos along with the other videos and streaming in a remote control from any location. Just connect your mobile to the device by reaching to the settings, Bluetooth, and then login or register to pipe your console and game audio without any wire.

The above mentioned are only few among the useful hacks for PS Vita. By researching online, one can get hundreds of useful hacks and tricks online for free.

It’s All About Find The Best Emulators

Nintendo 3DS is a portable game console manufactured by Nintendo. The unique feature of this game console is its capability to project stereoscopic 3D effects without use of any spare accessories or 3D glasses. The console succeeded Nintendo DS and featured backward compatibility to older consoles. Since the day Nintendo revealed its Nintendo 3DS gaming console, people have been carving for an emulateur 3ds. Emulator allows you to simulate the gaming console on any PC. It allows user to play console games on their desktops.

There has already been lot of applause for Nintendo’s 3DS console and its power to deliver unique 3D effect that no other gaming console has yet achieved. But with an emulatoruser can now enjoy these incredible games on their PC also. Even the people who own console prefer to play on PC with the simulation software available due to the flexibility that a desktop has to offer. Most of the emulators claim to provide full functionality for games but just few of them delivers the same.


The emulator also allows you to experience the real 3D effect on your desktop screens. Most of the Emulators available on the internet are freeware. These emulators differ in their specs, quality and performance. Emulators may not be able to run all the games available on Nintendo 3DS but can be worthy to work their way with most of them.

Most of the emulators don’t need to be installed; you can just open it and start playing. It isn’t a true word to word replica of console experience but most of them are quite good. Some emulators also allow you to change resolutions and configure the game according to your PC viewing.

The popular games like Mario Kart 7 and Pokemon X and Y are supported by various emulators.

Mario Kart 7 is a popular kart racing game where user has to race on their kart while trying to save themselves from opponent’s blows and hidden traps. The race tracks are exciting and the gameplay is one of the best in the franchise. There are several characters with specific role; you can choose the one that suits you best.

Pokemon X and Y starts with the journey of a young pokemon trainer. The game has been set in France where the trainer will try to defeat Team Flare and their nefarious intentions. The game introduces 70 new pokemons other than provision for character customization and updated training mechanics. New evolution technique called Mega Evolution has also been introduced that allows trainer to further evolve fully evolved pokemons.

Emulator duplicates the system and tries to provide you same experience as you would expect with your handheld console. There are several emulators available on internet for Nintendo 3DS some are paid, some are freeware and some are open source. Some games are first launch for console and it takes time till they arrive in their PC version, but emulators can allow you to play them even before they have formally been launched for PC. If you are a hardcore gamer then this is something that you must have.